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Hello and thank you for visiting. Watch This Space NH is a collective of artists working in New Hampshire and New England to put on independent art shows and events. We welcome anyone to contact us with any ideas or work they want to share, as we are open to working with all artists, all mediums. Shows and events take place in the New England area, and we  support all local artists.

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About Us

Watch This Space NH is a group of loosely associated artists, writers, performers and crafters based in New Hampshire and New England who come together for unique, charity-based shows and events featuring art, music and performance. This is a community for artists and performers to work with each other and exchange their works and ideas, as well as assist each other in artistic projects. Most shows or events will be planned by the artists centered around a distinctive look, feel, theme or idea, in addition to standard gallery shows or fairs. Since there is no permanent gallery, shows and events happen anywhere possible in New Hampshire and surrounding New England. If you have a space, or would like to suggest one for a show, please feel free to let us know. There is no membership fee or oaths taken and all artists of any medium are welcome  and encouraged to take part. Are you an artist looking to take part in one of our shows? Click below to find out how to get involved in any upcoming shows.

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Artist Spotlight

I am inspired by the overlooked and underappreciated and how those things shape our past, present, and future. Through these images I am exploring the individual and collective consciousness and how that both binds us together and separates us. Subjects are used in an iconographic manner, a vessel to the message that what is familiar is also unknown. Graphic two dimensional backgrounds are their own symbolic, pictographic type language and are used to further convey the meaning of the overall image. Combining senses of realism with emotional expressionism, each work is version of reality interpreted and invented.



Upcoming Shows

Saturday October 15,2022
1000 Elm Street
Manchester NH 03101
5 - 8 pm
WTSNH Presents:

The Nomadic Gallery lands at the Elm Street plaza in downtown Manchester. join us for a huge indoor art market, installations, performance and interactive elements


Arts in New Hampshire

There are so many places to see great art in New Hampshire. Check out some of our friends and the incredible work they're doing

Rochester Museum of Fine Arts

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